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Cabinet of Hypnosophical Curiosities

posted Feb 12, 2019, 12:24 AM by Nour Athar   [ updated Jan 4, 2020, 4:12 AM ]

hypnos ύπνος. sleep
sophia σοφία. wisdom

· Augmented reality / convergence of physical and virtual elements
· Confluence of analog and digital media
· Digital Synaesthesia
· Correspondence between: sound, colour, shape, motion
· Technological obsolescence

The creative technologies lab, Nourathar Studio, presents a new series of hypnosophical tricks and devices which combine augmented reality with obsolete technologies.

Through high-tech optical illusions which highlight the synaesthetic correspondences between the light, colour and sound spectrums, Nourathar's aim is to explore the impact of technology on our perception and the subjective nature of reality. Their research articulates contemporary history and archaeology with the aim of recovering antique tricks, optical illusions or scientific conjurations from XIXth century stage magic, which, when combined with contemporary media, become futurities from an imaginary past and memories from an oneiric future.

With the collaboration of: Colección Beep de Arte ElectrónicoAjuntament de Sant Josep de sa Talaia, ArtFutura