Architecture of multisensory experiences
at the intersection of the physical and virtual worlds

Nourathar Studio is an art & technology lab based in Ibiza since 2013. Their art occurs at the intersection between the physical and the virtual, in the hybrid space between technology, history and magic.

Nourathar’s recent augmented still lives combine augmented reality, interaction, optical illusionism and other hi & lo-tech mirages, to explore the ability of light to expand beyond the limitations of screens and flat surfaces. They capture and materialize light as it collides with different realities and highlight its potential to cross and unify multiple dimensions. The studio’s creative use of the electromagnetic principles which determine the behaviour of light, accentuates the subjective nature of vision and reality.

These augmented mini-scenographies incorporate a variety of technological tricks, proto-cinematic techniques and digital tools, to draw audiences into a dreamscape inhabited by futurities from an imaginary past. The impact of technology on how we perceive and relate to the world, is a recurring theme in the work of Nourathar’s members.  Much of the studio's work honors early inventors, sourcerers and light-art pioneers who would incorporate science to their magic shows and develop tricks based on the latest advances in electricity, optics or mechanics, to tease the perception of the viewer and invoke wonder. Nourathar’s aim is to recover this fascination for the magic of technology.

The use of creative technologies has been at the core of the work of the founders of Nourathar Studio for the past 15+ years and includes: real-time audiovisual systems, immersive environments, motion capture, robotics and tele-presence.  They have designed and built experiences for a wide variety of  contexts: from shows, corporate or marketing actions to interactive artworks and performances.

The name Nourathar was adapted from the Arabic words for "light" (nour) and "essence of" (athar) by Mary Elizabeth Hallock-Greenewalt (Beirut 1871–1951) to describe the visual music she created.

See also interaction-based art investigations by µN¡√∑®∫ØM∑N†∑

Aiguallums nº15 (trailer). Director: Enrique Villalonga. Production: Filmotica

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Instagram:  Nourathar ibz

Founders' Bios

Selected Exhibitions:
· Oniritronix. VentanaContemporary, Ibiza 2017
· Light after Dark. La Curva, Ibiza 2016
· Light Sculptures. El Hotel Pacha, Ibiza 2015
· After the Net 2.0, Peninsula Arts, Plymouth 2010
· After the Net, Observatori, Valencia 2008
· C0D3: the Mechanics of the Spell. FACT, Liverpool 2006
· Visions de Futur. Convent Sant Agustí, Barcelona 2003
· Butterfly Storm; 3ª Mostra d´art sonor i visual. Convent de San Agustí, Barcelona  2002
· Sensorial Mediática. El Atajo, Buenos Aires, 2000
· AlternatiBA. Centro Cultural San Martin, Buenos Aires 2000
· Fractal & Gardening & Techno-organic Crops. Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires (MAMBA) 2000

Interactive performance in Real-Time:
· Narcissus' Selphere,, ME, Ibiza 2018
· Hipersonica / File, Sao Paulo 2012
· Ciutats Creactives, Tarragona 2011
Electrosonic-media, Burgos 2009
· REC, Madrid 2006

· Electrosonic, Burgos 2005
· Expandea, Madrid 2004
· Sonar, Barcelona 2003, 2004
· Generative Art Symposium (GA), Milano 2002
· Error Club, Barcelona 2002

 Selected Presentations:
· TEDxSantAntoni, Ibiza 2016
· Dorkbot mtv. Montevideo 2012
· LaptopRus @ Medialab Prado. Madrid 2011
· Dorkbot. Barcelona 2006.
· Science Week. Liverpool 2006.
· AVLAB @Medialab Prado. Madrid 2006.
· Dorkbot. Madrid 2005.
· Sonar. Barcelona 2004.
· Open Fridays @ Straddle. Barcelona 2003.
  Technical direction / production, media art:
· Colección BEEP. Reus 2018
· Criaturas Digitales. Rome 2017
· Art Futura (Montevideo, BsAs, Bilbao, Ibiza)

· Sueños de Silicio @ Tabakalera, Donosti 2010
· Vida 11.0 @ Fundación Telefónica, Madrid 2009
· 2 you maestro, V. Ullate @ Teatro Real 2008
· Máquinas y Almas  @MNCARS, Madrid 2008
· sk-interfaces @FACT, Liverpool 2008

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