Mutamandel Modulator 

4 elements, special edition


1- Basic Operation & Care
2- Concept
3- User Guide
4- Technical Specifications
5- Troubleshooting and Support


Artist: Nourathar

Title: Mutamandel Modulator

Date: 2013 - 2016

Medium: Interactive, augmented sculpture

Dimensions: 115 x 120 x 14cm

1- Basic Operation & Care

1.1 Switching on:

- Turn on the CPU using button on the back

- Turn on the projector

- Wait until all the software starts (around 1 minute)

- Choose you selected program using the console and enjoy!

1.2 Shutdown:

- Shutdown the projector using remote control.

- Keep the button at the back right corner of the CPU pressed for few seconds, until the light in the front is turned off.

1.3 Warning(s):

- Avoid moving sculpture from its position on the wall.

- Avoid moving or modifying projector settings

- Do not disconnect computer cables (VGA, usb or audio)

- Avoid using computer for other purposes.

- Clean the sculpture gently using a (dry) feather duster or brush. Avoid pressure against the surfaces of pyramids.

- Avoid liquids or humidity in all components of the system (including sculpture)

- Projector lamps have a limited number of life hours. To save lamp life, we recommend shutting down projector whenever the piece is not being enjoyed. Note that the CPU will continue running without the projector until it is switched back on.

2- Concept

Mutamandel Modulator

Infinite entertainment for your soul!

Hand-crafted technology for consciousness expansion. A unique, intelligent device which allows mind and soul to tune-in to the geometrical proportions behind creation and life.

The Title:

Mandelbrot meets mutant mandala for fractal modulation; morphological mutations over a fractal canvas.

The Canvas:

The physical surface explores the fractal properties of hexagonal tessellation.  The hexagon is the most efficient way for the transmission of energy, in nature. 


This pattern, which is known as the Flower of Life* in sacred geometry, stems from the Seed of Life, a figure with the potential for growth and expansion.

The hexagon, self-contained at different levels, integrates masculine and feminine energies with implosive and explosive features which, in turn, reflect the process of growth within life. This figure is also associated with structures found in nature, such as snowflakes, quartz crystals o beehives.

* More info: Drunvalo MelchizedekThe Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, 1999

Mutamandel Modulator offers 2 operating modes: 

The control console allows users to switch between the two operation modes, using the black and red buttons.

3.1.1 Mutamandel mode (red button):

Tailored programming, which features: 

- Mutamandel infinitum 

- 4 elemental channels (earth, air, water and fire) + 6 complementary: allow users to synchronize with the energy of the elements

3.1.2 Modulator mode (black button):

Scopic operator for the aural vibrational matrix

This feature turns the Mutamandel into a game console for your soul. An ever-changing,  mutant mandala generator, controlled by the combination of sound-reaction and a user control console. 10 different buttons allow users to change reaction modes and colors.

Left hand: Structural geometric operators

1 Oneiric, structural gradient

2 Aural architecture warping

3 Platonic permutations

4 Technorganic fantastic divertisement

5 Linear harmonizer

Right hand: Chromo-luminescent menu:

1 Neutral

2 Jade carotene

3 Amatista pistachio

4 Subliminal lemon gradient

5 Cosmic seaweed

4- Technical specifications

 4.1 Hardware components:

- CPU:  Mac mini, Running OSX El Capitan

- Projector: ACER P1283 (Replacement lamp: Acer MC.JH111.001

- Condenser microphone: superlux 999, omnidirectional test microphone

- Phantom power unit: Millenium

- Mic to line pre-amplifier: Fonestar 


- Sculpture (the canvas)

- The control console: custom made console powered with 1 x Arduino UNO with 12 buttons connected to the CPU via usb. 

4.2 Software installed:

- MadMapper 2.2 (includes 1 full individual user license)

- Mutamorph_07: custom application programmed in Max/MSP/Jitter (includes syphon server external object)

- Max/MSP/Jitter 7 (in runtime mode)

4.3 Warranty:

All technology included with the piece is new (except for projector). The warranty of each component is provided by its supplier.

5- Troubleshooting and Support

5.1 Troubleshooting:

- Piece doesn't start: verify CPU and projector are  connected  and switched on.

- Projection doesn't match the sculpture: verify if the sculpture has been moved and carefully put it back in place. Verify if the projector has been moved.

- Controller doesn't respond: verify if the console usb cable is connected to the CPU. If it's unplugged, it should be reconnected; shutdown and restart computer with usb cable connected.

- Projector doesn't receive signal: verify video-out cable (VGA) is connected to computer and to video-in on projector. Verify (via projector menu) that projector is receiving appropriate video signal (VGA)

- Audio not reacting: verify audio input is connected to computer. Verify microphone's amp is connected to audio line as well as power adaptor. Verify connection between phantom power and pre-amp. Verify microphone and phantom power are connected.

5.2 Support:

If none of the above solutions resolve the problem, please contact our support:

+34 687 049 717