Study of the Modulation of Forms

Spectral decomposition of light, machinima of generative application


Artist: Nourathar Studio

Authors: Caen Botto & Marta Rupérez

Title: Study of the Modulation of Cubes / Study of the Modulation of Spheres

Date: 2019

Medium: Mixed media; screen, video player, electronics, lens, perspex in custom wooden box.

Custom application developed in Max/MSP/Jitter by Caen Botto

Dimensions: 44,5 (h) x 44,5 (w) x 30 (d) cm

Loop duration: 11'00"

Edition: unique within a series of 5


The artworks in this series explore the convergence of analog and digital media: a wooden box contains an analog lens that deforms 3D images, which are projected by a screen inside. The spectral decomposition of light caused by the lens affects the perception of the modulation of the shapes. Thus, in these Studies of the Modulation of Forms, the movement of the observer and his point of view determine the appreciation of the work.

To create the animated content, Nourathar Studio developed a generative graphics application that allows real-time modulation of pure shapes - in this case cubes - with noise. The work presents the resulting machinima, as a sequence of moving inter-modulations floating within a space of unexpected depth. The movement of cubical forms echoes the morphological decomposition and recomposition, similar to an animated cubism that allows the analysis of these forms and all their possible perspectives.