Nourathar Studio is a creative technologies lab dedicated to the development of experiences which explore the full potential of emerging media. Current members of the studio are Caen Botto (Buenos Aires, 1970) and Marta Rupérez (Madrid, 1977). Their art occurs at the intersection between the physical and the virtual, in the hybrid space between technology, history and magic. Their research articulates contemporary history and archaeology, and materializes in projects which implement augmented reality, immersive environments, interaction, optical illusionism and other lo & hi-tech mirages.

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Nourathar Studio’s recent exhibitions present audiovisual installations and artworks which combine interaction and augmented reality with analog media and obsolete technologies.

Through technological tricks and optical illusions which highlight the synesthetic correspondences between colour, sound and motion, Nourathar’s aim is to explore the impact of technology on our perception, as well as the subjective nature of reality. The confluence of proto-cinematic techniques with digital tools in Nourathar’s work, draws audiences into a dreamscape inhabited by futurities from an imaginary past and memories from an oneiric future.


Synesthetic devices and sensitive spaces

Interactive environments

Sa Nostra Sala, Ibiza 2019

Cabinet of Hypnosophical Curiosities

Can Jeroni, Sant Josep de sa Talaia, 2019


Ventana Contemporary, Ibiza 2017



Nourathar's interactive artworks invite users to explore the connections between the light, colour and sound spectra. The visitor’s physical experience with these artworks generates further correspondences with the environment. In this way, the gallery becomes a sensitive space, an audiovisual instrument with an invisible interface that allows for an intuitive experience of the work, in which audiences become active participants of the artwork, instead of passive spectators.

Custom application in each interactive artwork, developed in Max/MSP/Jitter by Caen Botto.

Spektral-Hexplorer, 2019

Immersive light organ.

Medium: Site specific, immersive, interactive installation; reflective semi-sphere, computer, projector, Arduino, speakers, audio interface, hexa-chromatic keyboard (custom development) Max/MSP/Jitter


π of Life, 2019

Interactive, multi-projection installation and generative 3D environment.

Medium: Site specific, interactive installation; computer, projectors, Kinect, audio interface, speakers and ultra sonic speaker. Max/MSP/Jitter


PaNoPtYk pArAdOx 2.0, 2011 - 19

Sound reactive, real-time, immersive 3D environment.

Medium: Site specific, semi-immersive, interactive installation; computer, projectors, microphone, audio interface. Max/MSP/Jitter


Narcissus' Selphere, 2018

Augmented reality participative installation.

Medium: Volumetric, interactive projection on inflatable sphere. Computer, projector, custom electronics, camera & stainless steel stand, Arduino. Max/MSP/Jitter



Mutamandel Modulator, 2013-19

Interactive augmented sculpture.

Medium: Volumetric, interactive projection and generative 3D environment on passe-partout and wood structure. Computer, projector, microphone, Leap Motion.




Synestetrum, 2017

Augmented reality light organ

Medium: Custom wooden display, vintage valves, circuit bended 1960's keyboard, Computer, LCD screen, custom electronics, Arduino, speakers. Max/MSP/Jitter




Recent audiovisual devices by Nourathar combine technological antiques and analogue media with augmented reality and contemporary, digital media. These artworks expose the obsolescence of technologies which determined historical realities and underline how the promises of the future inherent to those appliances have faded away.

The convergence of physical and virtual elements in these artworks seeks to recover antique tricks, optical illusions or scientific conjurations from XIXth century stage magic, a time when "technology was indistinguishable from magic". In all of them the silent animation is approached with a musical sense of rhythm and balance.

Post-Industrial Oneiric Archaeology, 2019

Augmented still-life

Medium: Augmented reality scenography. Mixed media; custom wooden box, glass and metal objects, reflective elements. LCD screen, Raspberry Pi, electronics.



InfiniTV, 2018

Multilayer reflected display in vintage TV

Medium: Augmented reality. Mixed media; 1950's TV set, glass, perspex. LCD screen, Raspberry Pi, electronics.



Muted Wavescape, 2018

Augmented lightscape of (silent) sound waves

Medium: Augmented reality. Mixed media; 1960's radio, glass, perspex. LCD screen, Raspberry Pi, electronics.