Mutamandel Modulator

Interactive augmented sculpture


Artist: Nourathar Studio

Authors: Caen Botto & Marta Rupérez

Title: Mutamandel Modulator

Date: 2013-2019

Medium: Volumetric, interactive projection on fractal canvas.

Computer, projector, microphone, Leap Motion.

Custom application developped in Max/MSP/Jitter by Caen Botto.

Dimensions: 115 (h) x 120 (w) x 20 (d) cm

Private collection (Ibiza)


Mutamandel Modulator:

Infinite entertainment for your soul!

Hand-crafted technology for consciousness expansion. A unique, intelligent device which allows mind and soul to tune-in to the geometrical proportions behind creation and life.


Scopic operator for the aural vibrational matrix

This feature turns the Mutamandel into a game console for your soul. An ever-changing, mutant mandala generator, controlled by the combination of sound-reaction and a user control console. Different buttons allow users to change reaction modes and colors.

The Title:

Mandelbrot meets mutant mandala for fractal modulation; morphological mutations over a fractal canvas.

Controller V1, 2015

Controller V2, 2016

V1, Hotel Pacha, 2015

This pattern, which is known as the Flower of Life* in sacred geometry, stems from the Seed of Life, a figure with the potential for growth and expansion.

The hexagon, self-contained at different levels, integrates masculine and feminine energies with implosive and explosive features which, in turn, reflect the process of growth within life. This figure is also associated with structures found in nature, such as snowflakes, quartz crystals o beehives.

* More info: Drunvalo Melchizedek: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, 1999

V3, Sa Nostra Sala, Ibiza, 2019

V1, Hotel Pacha, Ibiza, 2015

V3, Sa Nostra Sala, Ibiza, 2019