Sono-morphic transducer


Artist: Nourathar Studio

Authors: Caen Botto & Marta Rupérez

Title: Tranceiver

Date: 2019

Medium: Sound-reactive, 3D environment in vintage TV. Mixed media; computer, LCD screen, mic, electronics, lens, perspex.

Custom application developed in Max/MSP/Jitter by Caen Botto

Dimensions: 42,5 (h) x 54,5 (w) x 25 (d) cm

Edition: unique within a series of 5


Sound-reactive, real-time composer of 3D optical illusion.

> Transceiver: transmitter + receiver

> Transducer: transforms energy from one form to another; i.e.: sound into 3D shapes and motion.

Tranceiver transforms sound into motion in real time. A vintage TV set contains a mutant, virtual sculpture which reacts to the sound-environment by modifying its form and movement. Each user's interaction defines the formal attributes that will remain until a new user interacts with the piece.

The vintage TV set, traditionally a transmitter, is subverted to become the receiver of sound which will determine the form of a constantly mutating virtual, 3D environment.