LUMNORAMA: Synesthetic devices and sensitive spaces


• Augmented reality / convergence of physical and virtual elements

• Human Computer Interaction (HCI) / embodied interaction

• Machine learning

• Digital synaesthesia / Ideasthesia

• Correspondence between: Sound, color, shape, motion

• Sensitive spaces / shared interaction environment

• Light in space

• Confluence of analog and digital media

Every act of perception is, to some extent, an act of creation

G.M. Edelman (1929 - 2014)

Nourathar Studio is a creative technologies lab based in Ibiza, formed by Caen Botto and Marta Rupérez. In Lumnorama they present a new series of installations and audiovisual artworks that combine augmented reality and interaction, with analogue media and old technologies. The exhibition invites visitors to consider the ability to perceive of the technologies and spaces which surround us.

The interactive installations and audiovisual devices in the exhibition explore the physical properties of light, using optical illusions which highlight the synesthetic correspondences between the spectra of light, color and sound.

A first group of artworks combine technological antiques and analogue media with augmented reality. In all of them the animation is approached with a musical sense of rhythm and balance.

Nourathar's aim is to explore the impact of technology on our perception, as well as the subjective nature of reality. This research materializes in the interactive installations, where the user's physical experience generates new correspondences with the environment. In this way, the gallery space becomes a sensitive space, an audiovisual instrument with an invisible interface that allows for an intuitive experience of the work, in which visitors become active participants of the artwork, instead of passive spectators.

The combination of new technologies with ancient knowledge in Nourathar's work, allows for the construction of expanded realities. These evoke timeless concepts such as the role that our imagination plays in the process of perception and creation of a reality filtered through the veil of illusion of the mind.


Sensitive Spaces:

Synesthetic Devices: